Customizing your upcoming Lync presentation is not that difficult.
You have to:

  • create the meeting;
  • add recipients;
  • customize the options (presenters or viewers);
  • prepare your presentation;
  • start the presentation.

First of all, you have two options:

  • Create an Online Meeting using Microsoft Outlook (see Image 1);
  • Start a Group Conversation using Microsoft Lync 2010 (see Image 2).
Image 1 – Online Meeting using Microsoft Outlook


Image 2 – Group Conversation using Microsoft Lync 2010

After we create the meeting, participants must be added.

  • In Outlook we access the Address Book and add the required participants;
  • In Lync we add participants from the Invite by Name or Phone Number window.
If the meeting is offline, optionally, we have to add a resource:
  • a conference room;
  • a projector;
  • etc.
Now, every presenter chooses to restrict access to some options or not.
To add restrictions click on the Join Information and Meeting Options link from the chat window.
  1. Decide who can enter directly, without having to wait in the lobby;
  2. Decide who is the presenter;
  3. Decide restrictions for the meeting content.

Now it’s time to start the presentation.
Participants will access the link generated by Outlook, or they are add from Lync in the Group Conversation window. 

The presenter uploads a presentation or starts a desktop sharing session, depending on the meetings purpose.

If the participants want, the can activate their webcams.
The meeting link is available on smartphones also. 

To keep an copy of this presentations, you can go ahead and start recording the meeting.

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