Înregistrările DNS sunt folosite pentru a direcţiona traficul către şi dinspre domeniul dvs.
Aceste înregistrări asociază un Domain Name cu o anumită adresă IP.

În tabelul de mai jos se vor regăsi cele mai frecvente înregistrări DNS, dar şi funcţia lor.

Name server record

Identifies which name servers are the authoritative name servers for a specific domain.
DNS information can be cached in several name servers for a period of time, but when the cache expires, non-authoritative name servers contact the authoritative name server for updated information about a domain.

A record (address record)

Associates a domain name with an IP address.

(Alias or canonical name) record

Specifies that the domain name is an alias of another canonical domain name.
When a name server looks up a domain and finds a CNAME record, it replaces the first domain name with the CNAME and then looks up the new name.

MX (mail exchanger) record

Identifies the server to which email is directed. It also contains a priority field so that mail can be directed to multiple servers in a prescribed order.

SPF (sender policy framework)

An email validation system designed to help prevent email spoofing and phishing.

SRV (service record)

Specifies information about available services. SRV records are used by Lync Online and Exchange Online to coordinate the flow of information between Office 365 services.

TTL (time-to-live)

The amount of time that a DNS record is retained or cached by a name server or other 118 servers before the server does another lookup on the authoritative name server.

You use this to control the number of queries made to a given name server.

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