In a previous article I’ve described how to create a Dynamic Distribution Group using PowerShell: How to create a Dynamic Distribution Group ?
That version of Office 365 was Wave 14.

Now, in the new version of Office 365 (Wave 15), the Microsoft team has added an option to create a DDG using a GUI.
That makes it very simple now.

What are the steps?

  • access the Exchange Admin Center – the groups tab;
  • select NewDynamic Distribution Group;


  • in the new windows add: a display name and an alias – 1 – and choose an owner – 2 -;
  • then we must add an rule – 3 -;

DDG Details

  • for the rule, we will select the Department – 1 –;
  • the rule will select only the contacts that are from the IT department – 2 -;

DDG Rule

Now the DDG is completed and it must be saved.


As a bonus, in the description pane, Office 365 will display an report.

DDG Details 2

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