Usually what is default is not good, because it has an „ugly” look.
This is way, data entry forms in SharePoint aren’t too attractive.

If we want to get rid of what is unattractive, we can apply different customizations.
In SharePoint Online 2010 we can use InfoPath Designer to customize our forms.

How ?

  • access a desired library/list/etc.;
  • from the List tab click on Customize Form;

 Now, the form is opened in InfoPath Designer, and we can start to edit it.

 Depending on how do you want the form to look like, you can:

  • add new fields;
  • rearrange fields;
  • apply themes;
  • add images, logos, etc.;
  • add validation rules;
  • etc.

Here is how a custom form looks like:

 It has a new theme, a new image, new font sizes and colors, etc.

After the forms customization, we have to publish it into the SharePoint site.

Here is the browser look.

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