According to Microsoft:

Excel Services is a Microsoft Office SharePoint technology that makes it simple to use, share, secure, and manage Microsoft Office Excel 2007 workbooks (.xslx, xslb) as interactive reports in a consistent way throughout the enterprise.

More exactly, you can use this service to interact with various workbooks hosted in SharePoint.
Unlike SkyDrive, where we can get an embed code, here everything is simpler.
Of course, we can use embed code, but for this example we will use a web part.

How it’s done ?

  • upload a workbook into a site library;
  • access the desired page;
  • go into Edit Mode;
  • from Insert click on  More Web Parts;
  • from the Business Data category insert the Excel Web Access web part;

  • now we have to access the Tool Pane.

  • in this panel, depending on the requirements, we will alter the desired properties;
  • for this example we will specify an workbook, a Name Range and change the width and height.


After we operate all these changes, we save and then exit the Edit Mode so we can view the result.

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