SharePoint doesn’t offer a command or a tool that allows user to bulk add events into a calendar.
But, by using Office apps (Excel and Access) we can do that very easily.

What are the steps ?

  • create a real or a dummy event;

  •  now we will export a Excel Web Query, because we don’t know what columns to add to our workbook, or how the values must be entered – click on the Export to Excel command;

  •  now we have to fill the desired fields – Start Time, End Time, Title and Location.

  • after we create the events in Excel, we must open the calendar with Access.

Why ?

  • because Microsoft Excel works in one way: it doesn’t sync the data back to SharePoint. It only retrieves it.

  •  choose a location and a name for the database;

  • because we will use Copy-Paste, we must change the fields order in Microsoft Excel so that it matches the field order in Microsoft Access;
  • just select a column and drag & drop it in the right location – in Excel;

  •  select the first 4 columns and copy them;

  • in Access select the same 4 columns and then hit Paste;

  •  confirm the Paste operation;

 Now, we have the same data in Access.

 To sync the database with the calendar, hit the Save button.

In SharePoint, we have to refresh the page.
Now, when the calendar loads, the events are shown.


  • if you don’t add a value to a field, the default one is added.

Example: 0 for no workspace, FALSE for no recurrences, etc.

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