Let’s analyze the following problem: one of our colleagues gets married and changes her name.
E.g. from Jane Doe (janedoe@……….onmicrosoft.com) to Jane Smith (janesmith@………onmicrosoft.com)

Now the administrator must change her details, but there is a problem.
If he changes her E-mail address, the E-mail sent to her will be rejected.

 So, to avoid this problem, the administrator uses and proxy address.
See more about proxy addresses, here: Proxy Addresses

How to add an proxy address ?

  • make a backup of the users E-mails (export them to a pst file);

  • remove all licenses for Jane Doe (janedoe@……….onmicrosoft.com and assign them to the new account Jane Smith (janesmith@………onmicrosoft.com)

 Now, for the next steps we must access the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) and add a proxy address.

  • from the Admin page click on Manage (under Exchange)

  • double click on Jane Smith;

  • extend the E-mail Options menu and click Add an E-mail address;

After we save all those new settings, we must test them.
We create and E-mail and add janedoe@……..onmicrosoft.com in the To field.


In Jane Smith’s inbox we have an E-mail. It’s the one from above.
If we look in to the E-mail header, all we see is the new E-mail address.

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