One of the most interesting ways to create and populate a SharePoint list is to use the Import Spreadsheet from Excel. Unfortunately, I received and weird error message: An unexpected error has occurred. (-2147467259).


I’ve done some research, but found nothing. So, I decided to ask the guys from the O365 community:  Unable to create SharePoint list from Excel file
The proposed solutions didn’t worked, so I kept insisting and testing, until I found the solution.

My system specifications

On my laptop I had:

  • Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit;
  • Office 2013 Pro Plus 32 bit;
  • Internet Explorer 10 64 bit.

What did I tried?

  • I’ve enabled/disabled the Enhanced Protected Mode option, so I can change my browser from 32 bits to 64 bits, but without any luck;
  • I’ve re-added the SharePoint site into the Trusted Sites, without any result;
  • I’ve done some testing on a system with Windows XP and IE, all on 32 bits, with success.

After the last test, it seemed that it was a browser problem, so I’ve analyzed the dll’s that Office 2013 Pro Plus had installed in IE, in order to enable communication between the browser and the SharePoint site.

I knew  from the community that the SharePoint OpenDocuments Class add-on is responsible with that communication.

Then, I noticed that those add-ons had only the 32 bit version.
Because I had a 64 bit OS I decided to try the Office 2013 Pro Plus the 64 bit version.

How to fix -2147467259 error?

  • unnistal Office 2013 Pro Plus the 32 bit version.
  • download and install Office 2013 Pro Plus the 64 bit version.


After the installing process has ended, I was able to import and Excel workbook into SharePoint and to create a new list.

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