Using Microsoft Lync we are able to create various polls.

How to create a poll ?

  • start a new conversation and from the Share menu click on New Poll option;

  • now we have to add a name for the new poll, a question and some possible answers;

  • after adding all the desired element click on the OK button to publish the poll;


As the admin you can decide who can access the admin options, by changing the settings from the Join Information and Meeting Options menu.

When a user adds a vote, the answers number recalculate and the voting bars are changing.


As an admin you have access to other options:

  • close the poll;

  • display results to everyone;

  • edit polls questions;

  • clear the answers;

  • save the poll.

By saving the poll you are creating a PNG image with the following content:

  • the question;

  • the answers;

  • the votes;

  • total votes number.

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