Sometime ago I wrote about adding a promoted site in the new office 365.
One of my blog visitors asked how can he restore the Manage Promoted Sites, because he deleted all the sites and that option was gone.

I thought that he deleted the web part or he did something else.
Because it was a challenge for me to fix something that is broken, I did the same thing and I noticed that the Promoted Sites section was gone.


After some testing I discovered that the Web Part (because the Promoted Sites is a Web Part) was actually hidden automatically, not deleted.

How to unhide the Promoted Sites Web Part?

On the right side of the page, where the username is shown, click on the username and from the drop-down menu click on Personalize this Page.

Personalize this Page

Now, the page is in Edit Mode.
As we can see bellow, the web part name has the hidden text in round brackets (a).


To unhide it, we must activate the Properties pane.

  • click on the button (b) that is next to the check box and from the menu, click on the Edit My Web Part option (c).

After we activate the Properties panel, we must click on the Layout property.
In the Layout section, just uncheck the Hidden property and then click OK.


Before we exit the Editing Mode we must add a website, in order to be able to see the Web Part after we finish the operation:

  • click on Add a promoted site link;

Add a promoted site

Now, just fill in the details about the site and click on Save changes.

Add a site

After we add the site, we must stop editing the web part:

  • click on click here link.

Stop Editing

For the final step, just click on Stop Editing button from the ribbon and that it’s all.

Now the Promoted Sites are back.

Promoted Sites

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