Among Lync’s useful features we can find Share PowerPoint Presentation.
This option allows us to share a presentation during a meeting, conversation,etc.

How to share ?

  • start a new conversation;

  • from the Share menu click on the PowerPoint Presentation option; 

  • after you select your desired presentation, depending on her size, you will have to wait until is completely uploaded;

In the bellow image we can notice some elements that are displayed to the other participants.
This is possible because there are not restrictions made by the admin.

To add restrictions click on the Join Information and Meeting Options link from the chat window.

  1. Decide who can enter directly, without having to wait in the lobby;

  2. Decide who is the presenter;

  3. Decide restrictions for the meeting content.

In this case, for step 3, all participant can only follow the presentation, without being able to intervene.

If I would not add restrictions, every admin options are available to all the participants.

 With restrictions, the above options are not available.

Among the admin privileges I have access to other features.
For example, I can display the presentation just like in PowerPoint:

  • the slides on the left side (1);

  • notes bellow ((3);

  • the current slide in the center (2).


In the lower right side there is a toolbar with navigation options (5).
In the lower left side there is another toolbar (4) that contains:

  • options to show a laser pointer indicator;

  • options to insert images, text and notes;

  • etc. 

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