Well the new Office (Office 2013 Preview) is here.
Unfortunately  for some users, especially for XP and Vista, Office 2013 Preview is not available.
Only Windows 7 and 8 users are able to install this program.

I have downloaded from my Office 365 Enterprise account the Office 2013 Preview kit

After we start the installation process, we see the new metro logo.

Next, the wizard checks the Office 365 account. 

Here we have to read the licence agreement, before we continue.

The installation process has a video presentation of the new Office.

In the previous Office versions, during the install process, a user could choose what to install (custom install).
Now, the Office gets a full installation. 

For the next step we have to sign in into our Windows Live or Office 365 account.

This screen offers two sign in options.
More than that, we can always switch account from within the Office 2013 programs.

Now we have to choose a look for our apps.
Unfortunately, this is not a theme. The Office themes are not implemented, yet. 
In the bellow image we see the Clouds look.

The next steps shows us a few information’s about SkyDrive’s integration into Office.

We have reached the end. Here we can choose whether to take a tour or not.

Now the Office is installed. We can run the desired apps, although the wizard still have to do some settings.

Office 2013 Preview is now installed and is available into the Start menu, with all his components and tools.

Like in Office 2010, Office 2013 Preview displays an animated splash-screen.
The dotted progress bar  is similar to the one displayed on a Windows Phone OS.

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