Before we start, I must inform you that the header links (from the SharePoint site) are available only in P plans.
In the E plans, those links are missing, and there is no setting that permits you to enable them.

On my daily „walk”  in the Office 365 forums, I came across a very interesting and challenging topic: Team site back to Outlook
That users wanted to have the Home, Outlook and Team Site in his SharePoint site.
One of the support guys from Microsoft has quickly solved the problem: those three links are available only in P plans, and not in the E plans.

I must say that it was an very unpleasant answer. 🙁
But wait, there is a third solution (1. Add a Bookmark for those 3 links and 2. Add a link in the Top Link Bar):

  • add Home, Outlook and Team Site links into the master page.

After a very fast test, I hurried up and posted the solution. The links had a very ugly look, but later that day I managed to solve the look problem.



 How to solve the problem ?

  • first of all, we need a browser with a Developer Tool or Firebug.
  • we need an P planto copy the code from:
    • right click in the header and choose Inspect Element or Inspect Element with Firebug

  • In the code panel the selected code belongs to the header menu.

  • Now we must copy that code: right clickcopy html
  • The code is:
<div class="SHOrangeBackground" id="Shell-Header-Background">
		<div class="SHContainer" id="Shell-Header">
				<span class="SHSpanLogo"><div class="SHLogo" id="Shell-Header-Logo">
					<img style="border-style:none;" alt="" src="">
					</div></span><span class="SHSpanTopMenu"><div id="Shell-Header_TopMenu" class="SHTopMenu">
						<span class="SHTopMenuSeperator"><a id="HomeID" href="">Home</a></span>
						<span class="SHTopMenuSeperator"><a id="OutlookID" href="">Outlook</a></span>
						<span class="SHTopMenuSeperator"><a id="SharepointID" href="/TeamSite" class="SHTopMenuActiveLink">Team Site</a></span>
					</div></span><span class="SHSpanMeTile"><div id="Shell-Header-MeTile">
  • Now we edit the code according to our needs:
  <div id="Shell-Header-Background" class="SHOrangeBackground">
    <div id="Shell-Header" class="SHContainer">
      <table class="alignleft" style=
      "float: left; text-align: left; width: 763px; height: 46px;" border="0" align=
            <td style="width: 100px;" align="left" valign="middle">
              <div id="Shell-Header-Logo" class="SHLogo"><img style="border-style: none;"
              title="" src=
              alt="" /></div>
            <td align="right" valign="middle"><strong><span style=
            "font-size: medium;"><strong><a id="HomeID" href=
            "" name=
            "HomeID">Home</a></strong> <a id="OutlookID" href=
            "" name=
            "OutlookID">Outlook</a></span></strong> <strong><span style=
            "font-size: medium;"><a id="SharepointID" href="/SitePages/Home.aspx" name=
            "SharepointID">Team Site</a></span></strong></td>
      <div id="Shell-Header_TopMenu" class="SHTopMenu"></div>
  <div id="Shell-Header-Background" class="SHOrangeBackground">
    <div id="Shell-Header" class="SHContainer">
      <div id="Shell-Header_TopMenu" class="SHTopMenu">
        <span class="SHTopMenuSeperator"><br /></span>
  • Now we download a copy of the E plan master page and add the above code, bellow the following line:
<a id="HiddenAnchor" href="javascript:;" style="display:none;"></a>
<SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" ControlId="GlobalNavigation" />


  •  Save the changes and upload the master page file back to SharePoint.

The final result is:


  • in the code, edit the id=”SharepointID” href=”/SitePages/Home.aspx” and add you Team Site link.


id=”SharepointID” href=”/SitePages/Home.aspx”

id=”SharepointID” href=”/teamsite/SitePages/Home.aspx”

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