After connecting Outlook to our Exchange mailbox, in the File menu we see a picture placeholder, but no option to add a picture.
The default picture that is displayed in that placeholder is called Corporate Picture and it’s also displayed in Lync Online 2010.

To add or change an existing picture, we must access our Office 365 account and then click on My Profile link.

Here we have to click on the Change photo link and add our picture.


Note 1:

  • it may take some time before the picture is completely synced (from minutes up to 72 hours). 

Note 2:

  • Your photo cannot be larger than 10 KB and it must use one of the following file extensions:
    • .jpg
    • .gif
    • .png
    • .bmp

Source: Add or change your profile photo

Here is a look from Microsoft Outlook.

Here is a view from Lync.

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