In SharePoint we can create different content types, depending on the needs.
A useful content type is the one regarding Office files.

I will create a custom content type using a template for Word. Of course, we can use templates for Excel and PowerPoint.

How it’s done ?

  • Site Actions – Site Settings – Site content types;
  • Click on Create;
  • Add a Name and a Description;
  • We need to select Parent Content Type from Document Content Types;
  • For the Parent Content Type we have Document;
  • Choose or create a new group. I will choose HR;
  • Click on the OK button.
Now we have to add the templates.
To do this, click on the Advanced settings link. 
  • Add a check mark on the Upload a new document template
* You must use template files like: dotx, xltx, potx, etc.
I will add this content type to the Shared Documents library like this:
  • click on the Share Documents link;
  • click on the Library tab from the ribbon;
  • click on the Library Settings command button;
  •  click on the Advanced settings link;
  • add a check mark on the Yes option to allow the management of content types;
  • click on the OK button.
In the Library Settings page click on Add from existing site content types.
Choose CV Template and then click on the Add button.
To save the settings click on the OK button.
We return to the Shared Documents library to add a new document.
Click on the Documents tab from the ribbon and click on the New Document button.

The document will be opened in your local Word application.
After you edit this document, click on Save. The proposed location is the Shared Documents library. Just add a name and click on the Save button.

The above steps can be reproduced for Excel and PowerPoint. You must create the desired templates and then add them to the according content type.

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