According to Microsoft:

A shared mailbox is a mailbox that multiple users can open to read and send e-mail messages. Shared mailboxes allow a group of users to view and send e-mail from a common mailbox. They also allow users to share a common calendar, so they can schedule and view vacation time or work shift.

There is no direct way to convert a Shared Mailbox (SM) to a normal user mailbox (Regular Mailbox – RM), through Office 365 settings.

So, in order to convert a SM to a RM, we must use PowerShell, with a very simple cmdlet.

Log In to Admin using PS

Use the following PS script to log in:

# 1.Ask for credentials:
$LiveCred = Get-Credential
# 2.Create a new session:
$Alex = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $LiveCred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection
# 3.Join the opened session:
Import-PSSession $Alex

via How to create a login script for Office 365 (PowerShell) ?

LogIn Credentials

Connect via PS 

Available SM

From the Admin section click on the Admin menu and choose Exchange, to access the Exchange Control Panel.
From the Recipients section click on Shared.

Shared Mailboxes

As we can see, there is just only one SM, with the display name: Office

Use a cmdlet

To convert it, we must use the Set-Mailbox cmdlet.

Set cmdlet

The entire cmdlet is: Set-Mailbox „Office” – Type:Regular

Mailbox Conversion

After the conversion, the SM will be converted into a RM.

No SM Mailbox

As an personal observation, I’ve noticed that if you do this operation more than twice, you will receive an error saying that the object (SM display name) doesn’t exist.
After five minutes, I was able to convert another two SM.

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