Microsoft Word offers his users the posibillity to publish articles on various blogging platforms.
Among those platform you will find SharePoint.
Assuming that you have already created a blog page in SharePoint, follow the next steps.

How to do it?

  • Open a New Word Document;
  • Go to FileNew – double click on Blog Post;
  • If we don’t have an account already configured, a wizart will open – click on Register Now command button;
  • From the provider list choose SharePoint Blog – click on Next;
  • Now enter your SharePoint blog address;

  • At the next stept we have to choose were to upload images. We will keep the default option (upload them to SharePoint. 

After doing these steps, Microsoft Word will validate the information’s.
Now, all we have to do is to start writing and posting articles and news to our blog.  

After publishing, the article will be displayed on your blog page.
It will contain the text, images, categories, etc.

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