De curând am primit un E-mail, legat de Office 365 (serviciul de Cloud).
Prin intermediul acestui E-mail sunt anunţat că pagina de conectare (Sign-In) va fi modificată.

Dear Admin,

Beginning in March 2013, Office 365 users will notice a simpler, more streamlined Sign-In experience. To ensure you are aware of the new look and feel, we wanted to share some details with you prior to the launch.

The redesign goals were to create a fast and fluid sign-in experience that’s optimized for modern devices, reduce the number of times users need to sign in, and provide the best possible performance and usability on computing devices.

The new sign in experience automatically adapts to the screen resolution and capabilities of different devices, Operating Systems and browsers. It looks best on recent versions of IE (8+), Chrome, Safari, Windows Phones, iOS and Android devices. It’s optimized for touch and also works great with mouse or keyboard-only navigation.


Drept urmare, am ales să văd cum arată noua pagină accesând link-ul Opt-In Page din E-mail.

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Noua pagină de conectare este mult mai interesantă, decât cea veche, mai ales că are o temă adaptabilă în funcţie de device-ul folosit pentru a vă conecta la contul de Office 365.

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