According to Microsoft:

You can use Access 2013 and the Office 365 Preview to build a web app almost immediately and start using it to track the things you care about. There’s no need to set up expensive or complicated servers, but you can still take advantage of the speed, security and simplicity that comes with server-based apps.

So, now is much easier to create an web Access database.

Note: a Romanian version (video tutorial) can be found here: Cum creez aplicaţii în Access 2013 ?

How to create a custom app?

  • from the File menu choose Custom web app;

Custom Web App

  • now just add a name for the app and choose a publishing location: SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint;

App Details

When your blank app is finished being created, you’ll be taken to the Add Tables screen.
The fastest way to build your app is to search through our list of table templates to see if we have one that’s similar to the thing that you’d like to track.

New DB

I’ve created a new tab;e using an Excel file.
Now, we see two options (views): List and Datasheet.

Datasheet View

List View

Now we can customize those columns, edit them, etc.
Using the Launch App command from the ribbon we will publish the new changes on to the web.

After we publish it, we can:

  • choose a table;
  • choose a view;
  • search and filter;
  • add and edit items.

Online Web App 1

Online Web App 2

In the File menu we can find some information’s about the database and the connectivity:

  • database location;
  • server name;
  • database name;
  • etc.

As u can see in the description, the database content is stored into a SQL database.

Connection Info

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